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AlonBio is developing targeted treatments for difficult to treat aggressive cancers. Our solutions offer a new horizon for advanced cancer patients.

PRC1 and CDC25c overexpression predicts an unfavorable prognosis for patients in a variety of solid and hematological malignancies. Our targeted approach is tailored for tumors that over express PRC1 and CDC25c.

Target Indications

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Breast Cancer (TNBC)

TNBCs an aggressive type of breast cancer that occurs most frequently in women ages 40-50 and is associated with high recurrence rate and poor prognosis.
Breast cancer is the most diagnosed cancer worldwide with more than 2.2 million cases diagnosed annually and is the fifth cause of cancer mortality with more 850,000 deaths annually.
TNBC accounts for 15-20% of all breast cancer cases and over 30% of breast cancer-associated deaths.

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Advanced Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer mortality worldwide with more than 2 million cases and 1.8 million deaths annually. The treatment of Advanced lung cancer is an unmet medical need which currently carries a five-year survival rate of just under 7%.

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Advancer Colorectal Cancer (CRC)

CRC is the third most common cause of cancer mortality worldwide with more than 1.85 million cases and 850,000 deaths annually. Of new CRC diagnoses, 20% of patients have metastatic disease at presentation and another 25% who present with localized disease will later develop metastases.

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