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Our Approach

In Alonbio we harness the power of phenotypic screening, to identify and develop novel targeted small molecules for the treatment of difficult to treat aggressive cancers


Screening platforms

Multiparametric Phenotypic Screening

Cancer cell proliferation (survival) and metastasis have been the two hallmarks of aggressive cancer phenotypes. Highly proliferative and highly invasive cancers accounts for the highest mortality rates among solid tumor patients.

AlonBio developed a phenotypic screening system that targets cancer cell migration and survival pathways. This small molecule screening by combining cancer cell survival (proliferation) and cell migration enables identification of highly active targeted anti-cancer treatments.

BKT300 – the company’s lead asset was identified using the MigHitTM platform 

Copy of Targeting Migration, Survival and Immune-Response Pathways In Cancer and Inflammat

IFN-ℽ Pathway Targeted Screen

IFN- ℽ is crucial for immune activation against cancer by upregulating CXCL9/10 and recruiting Th1 cytotoxic T cells into the tumor microenvironment.  IFN- ℽ expression is also associated with immune suppression due to its ability to up-regulate the immune checkpoint ligand PDL-1. Blocking PD-1/PDL-1 increases the anti-tumor effect of T-cells in tumors. 


AlonBio owns a novel screening platform technology for the identification of small molecules targeting IFN-ℽ mediated immune response pathways.  The platform can, both identify compounds that synergize with anti-PD-1 in inhibiting tumor growth and also identify compounds that regulate the immune system.

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